Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monotonous diet - the invisible killer of my health

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I recently have lots of trouble with my stomach - "she" refuses to eat anything I cooked for long time. "She" demands the variety of foods - even "junk" food. Each meal has to be different and delicious, otherwise I will suffer consequence. Of course I followed "her" orders (what else choices I have?) and take care of each meal, at least as much as I could, I started to feel better.

For years, I purposely got ride of certain type foods, based on the famous "caveman diet"/"candida diet", but what I didn't follow, was the suggestion/advice that it's only good to keep the diet for certain amount of time (I believe it was suggested from several weeks to 3 months). I was too anxious not to go extreme! Now my experience is giving me lessons: salads were proved to be bad for my stomach, at least I cannot eat too much because my stomach cannot handle cold foods. Meat is also necessary. And the very dangerous food "white flour" which I deliberately got rid of for years is somehow my stomach's current favorite - I had to eat it for every meal for several days straight! I guess my stomach simply misses it so much.

My primary symptom is extreme lack of energy and I have reason to believe it is caused by nutrition deficiency, especially during recently years. For long time I was so baffled about what I missed in my diet but now, it seems clear: the variety! My monotonous diet was somehow indiscernible problem to me but my stomach finally decided to force me to realize it.

I guess someone was just right to say: our body is our best doctor!.

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