Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wanton from scratch!

Growing up from south of China, where people eat mostly white rice, I never ever made wanton in my life. Today I tried myself with whole wheat and beef.

Below are the pictures of process in order (total about one hour job):

And I don't know how it tastes yet. Will know tomorrow morning!

The second day morning:
I tried it this morning: it didn't taste good! I guess I will use regular wanton wrap (white wheat) next time!


  1. Chinese restaurants are very popular in NYC, so I grew up eating wanton soup. Wantons, by themselves, are rarely found on the menu. As I am now a vegetarian, and the wantons usually contain pork, I don't order the soup anymore.

  2. i don't eat wanton soup often, especially here in US. but whenever my stomach feels weak, wanton soup seems a good choice.