Monday, March 28, 2011

The Magic Honey

Filtering the honeyImage via WikipediaI heard "local honey" can cure allergy all the time but never get chance to local farmers' markets. Early of this year, I bought a bottle of organic honey from Food Lion. It was produced somewhere about 100 miles away from where I live. So I gathered it might do some good for me. Having been taking this honey for over two months (mostly I put it into drink) pretty fine during Spring. I even walked outside like I never did in past years.
So I think it really worked!

P.S. I must point out that my overall diet changes also helped my immune system.
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  1. I have allergies and heard the same thing. Never tried it or heard of anyone that had success with it, glad to hear about someone else having success with it. I hope you write more about it. I'd like to hear how it works.

  2. Thanks Greg for commenting! I do not think local honey alone can solve the problem, but I do believe that honey is very good for improve immune system and energy. It was also said we need to use it for long time. So I guess keep it in our daily meal and beverage is a way to go.