Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My 2011

Oh I! from Gary
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It was a year of improvement! I had no major relapse and my energy level steadily climbed up from less than half (beginning of the year) to 90% (end of the year).

My last relapse occurred in middle of August of 2010. That was a cruel battle and it forced me to see my blinding spot in my diet, which I believe was the last missing piece of my health puzzle. Since then, by adjusting diet alone, I recovered from the worst symptoms, and my energy level was lifted up to over 70%. During late summer of 2011, I found my diet alone might not be enough, so I equipped my diet with supplements - Calcium and multi-vitamin. The result was positive - soon my energy level climbed up again to around 90% during the fall.

However with overall a upward progress, I still had often some small relapse, which usually took several days to be recovered.

I believe 2011 was the turning point of my "middle age adversity", during which my health went toward positive direction. Of course, after all these years' struggle, I no longer expect a sharp end point of my chronic condition, rather, I prepared for a long journey which requires the utmost patience. So I look forward patiently for more improvement in 2012.
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