Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Relapse, That's What It Is.

Sick in bed
Sick in bed (Photo credit: tpholland)
It's has been 9 days. Yesterday after I did some gardening I felt really good, so I thought I would varnish one of my painting. However, the cap of varnish bottle was too tight, I tried a little too hard, then, my heart went "wrong", I had no choice but lied down for all the evening. Today, I was not totally recovered, but I did feel better afternoon. I canceled my weekend classes again, in order to rest more. I want to make sure that I am in "working condition" before I resume my classes. Yes, I am going to "spoil" myself.

Now I have to think what I did wrong, cause this relapse. Honestly I do not know for sure. Looking back, the previous several months, I was doing pretty good. The only thing beside "too much" exercise was coffee. I always had a couple cups of coffee each day. So I will completely get rid of it until I can regularly exercise every day!
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