Thursday, June 20, 2013

Some "Interesting " Change

For almost all of my life I was afraid of "cold". I usually felt terrible during winter, and started to feel better during spring, but recent year my body seemed to have changed. I feel good during autumn, winter is OK, and early spring I feel good too, but between spring and summer, the extremely humid weather makes me feel terrible - I feel very easy to get tired, all my arthritis problems would get more serious, and lots of "crashes" due to my heart malfunction.
I have reason to believe one of very important reasons of this change is due to the significant amount of parasites my body carries. During spring, all kinds of lives revive, include parasites. So during this time, the immune system of my body gets busy in dealing with all the parasites inside my body, thus working on my daily life routine would be a burden to the immune system, and consequently I easily feel tired.
Sound very simple, but I am quite convinced.

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