Sunday, June 21, 2009

10 right things to say to an ill person (in response to "20 things not to say to an ill person"

After you heard your friend was not well:
#1: Realy? Sorry to hear that. (instead of saying "you are fine")
#2: Did you check with doctor yet? (instead of saying:"stop thinking about it")
#3: They(doctors) didn't find anything wrong? Oh, I don't believe them! (instead of saying "then you are just fine")
#4: There must be reasons if you feel this bad. Keep hope! (instead of saying "I don't have such luxery to feel so bad")
#5: Get good rest! (instead of saying "get out of house and you will find that you are just healthy like a cow!")
#6: How is your diet? "You are what you eat." You know that.
#7: Don't give up! Good days are coming.
#8: Are there anybody around to help you? Let me know what I can do to help you. (instead of say "there are easier ways to get attentions")
#9: How is your energy level? You do look better today. (instead of saying "yes, you look extremely good and you must feel excellent!" (in order to stop ill person's continuous "whining"))
#10: If you say you feel sick, you must be. You know yourself better than anybody else. Please take good care. (Instead of saying "you don't look sick at all! what's wrong with your mind?")

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