Friday, June 5, 2009

"Draw attention"

Another CRAP that many people throw onto ME/CFS sufferers is "Draw attention".
Please watch this video if you are interested in this subject: a girl Sophia Mirza suffered ME/CFS died because her illness was treated as mental illness. Don't miss this detail: once she lay on bed without any energy, the docter just suggested that the reason she did so because she wanted to drawing people's attention!

By my own experience, I just cannot count how many times my friends, doctors or other people thought that I was trying to draw their attention when I mentioned my problems. How could people be so judgemental? When one of my "friends" "positively encouraged" me not to mention again that I didn't have energy because he knew that I was "full of energy", I really wanted to slap his face, only if I had the energy he suggested.

Ignorance kills!

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