Sunday, June 7, 2009

Roger Federer made history today!

Nothing about CFS today. Paris, Roland Garros, Roger Federer, a tennis genius by my opinion, proved that he is the ONE!
It has been a while that a lot of people believe that Rafa Nadal is a better player, because in his face to face matches with Federer, he won most of them. However, if we look at recent years tennis tournaments by a larger scope, Federer overwhelmingly defeat almost everybody else except Nadal. Federer won many more titles and had been a #1 player longer than Nadal. And now, after one not as great year (last year) he finaly come back again! Of course, as I expected!
What I enjoy Federer the most is his style: he makes tennis playing so easy! I used to think Sampras is the best ever, but now, I have to agree, Federer is the real GOAT (the greatest of all time). He is perfection of tennis: body structure, technique, psychological power, and his CLASSY personality.
I am so happy for him today even though my blog is not about tennis but I still want to write some words down!

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