Saturday, July 4, 2009

Brain fog

I was always one of brightest students in school and have been believing in my intelligence for all my life, despite the years torture of this fierce CFS. Just very recently I found that I started to suffer brain fog in some degree.
After diet, I no longer feel that extreme fatigue. I mostly have decent sleep now so at daytime I no longer suffer heart palpitation or some other symptoms. However, I easily get "brain fog" if I try to concentrate myself to engage in some serious study, especially reading. It looks like I start to have clue how those "stupid" people feel like: not able to memorize things, easy to forget things, etc.
However, I am not discouraged. I believe there is a reason. It might be my diet is too simple. I mostly just eat salad, fish and nuts. Maybe I should try to put back some meat in my diet. I am going to try Lamb.

Check it back and see if I am smarter later on:-)

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