Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My strategy of fighting with CFS

Since March 24th, I started a quite strict diet and overall, I feel much better. But, bad days still come back. There are time that I still feel extremely tiresome and even caught shortbreath again.
However, I believe in DIET, because it made such a difference between now and before: more good days than bad days! And the bad days are not "that bad"! By thinking over what I have been donig with this CFS, I sum up my "strategy" of fighting with this CFS as below:
1, Killing candida yeast! To achieve this the first thing to do is diet! Check out my diet menu if you are insterested: http://overcomecfs.com/menu.html Another thing is medication. So far, for what I have heard and what I have been using, Lugol iodine is one of the best anti-candida medicine. It is actually a supplement but it does good job on killing bacteria. The only side effects for what I know is that it might cause thyroid problem. I followed the direction by supplier and stopped taking it after 3 weeks. So far, I didn't feel any problems at all. I am going to start taking it after over one week break.
2, Improve immune system! To do so, I changed my life style: more active physically. If I could not handle 45 minutes walk once a day, I may break it up to 2 or 3 times a day, and each time about 15 to 30 minutes. For other time of the day, try my best NOT to sit in front of computer! Always move around.
3. Keep a relaxed mind! This sounds like an useless tip but it really helps my sleep. I was a long term insomnia sufferer and I believe that it was one of the most direct causes of my CFS. So, after learned to be mentally relaxed, I do feel it is much easier for me to handle the rest problems.

What else?

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