Thursday, July 2, 2009

My "thyroid" and "stomach" problem

2004 before Christmas, I had a very strange symptom: I felt hungry all the time! I had to keep eating, and was craving for oily fat foods. From Oct to Dec, I gained about 20 pounds! I checked with doctors. First they suspect I had "thyroid problem". But after checking my blood, they did not find any signs of infection or hormone imbalance. And then they checked my stomach, tried to find if I had any ulcer, or other type of infections. But again they could not tell. Later my appetite reduced close to normal and 2 months later, I met a guy who gave me instruction on Yoga and other exercise. It was him who believe that I had yeast-related syndrome. It was him who urged me to quit eating junk foods. And I took his suggestion, together with exercise, I cut off 20 pounds in 3 months. Started from June 2005 to the end of 2006, my health climb up to the best of 5 years.

By recalling the time of 2004, the period during my appetite strangely increased, I realized I had an electric teapot I used for making hot tea. I drank hot tea at work everyday. I never took care of inside this teapot until several months later, I "accidentally" found there was some light blue "mushroom" looking things on the inner wall of pot (I then threw tea pot away of course). They are WATER MOLDS! Now I firmly believe that it was those water molds that fed the yeasts inside my body so their population increased. And it was those yeasts yelled for food all the time!

Of course as usually, I still remember some friends' advices: stressful, or depressed. All nonsense!

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