Friday, September 25, 2009

First time acupuncture experience

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(It was not really the first time but it is the first time I got into this seriously.)

The past Friday I went to see a local Chinese doctor. He looked around 60, energitic and was very concerned about my condition. He gave me one hour acupuncture treatment --- needles all over my body! And all of them were connected to electricity! But really, it was not that scary and painful as it sounds. After connecting to electricity, I felt vibration on skin. That's all.
Before the treatment started, my noses were running like crazy. Doctor gave me first 3 needles around my noses. He said it should help me with my sinus problem. Other needles went to all other places for all different goods.

I didn not feel obvious difference after treatment (my noses stopped running during the treatment but after I left clinic they started running again). These couple days I do feel better but I don't know if it is because of acupuncture or not. Doctor told me I would not feel obvious change until 3 times treatments. So I am patiently waiting for my next appointment (which is tomorrow). In the meantime, I just keep my fingers crossed.

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