Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The pain of visiting doctors

Some of my friends always ask me to get help from experts, but my experience with experts are 99% negetive.
Pat Sullivan (also a famous entrepreneur, founder of ACT), the auther of the book I am reading now ("Wellness, piece by piece") has visited tones of "experts". But still, most causes of his chronic illness were found by himself (he certainly is an intelligent man). He described one of his experience with a doctor: once after he read a book about a hormone called cortisol, he was convienced that his cortisol level was not enough. So he brought the book to the doctor and talked to him about it. What suprised Mr. Sullivan was, not only this doctor agreed with him, he actually was familiar with this cortisol theory and he was a student of the author of that book Sullivan just read! But he never suspected Mr. Sullivan could have such problem! Then after running a test they found that Sullivan's cortisol level was indeed very low!
Only if this doctor could suspect this earlier... What a time, money and energy waste! After finishing reading this chapter, my doubt about "experts" was even encreased.


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