Friday, September 18, 2009

The second diet change

I have changed my diet 5 months ago, from my regular unhealthy food hobby to an almost vegetarian food structure. I felt a dramatic health change immediately and I thought I would stick on this diet in the rest of my life. However, after 2 or 3 months' significent health improvement, my health condition stopped at a point where I could not make it any more progress. I didn't know why? I could not exercise as much as I needed (I used to walk 45 - 50 minutes, but somehow I could only walk around 30 minutes). And what was worse later on, over a month ago, I suffered a huge back fire of chronic fatigue syndrome! Again!

I did not find the true reason (actually i believe that reasons are always multiple) until a week ago. Before that I had blaimed everything and tried everything I could, still did feel any better. Then I tried the last thing: changing diet again. I was somehow convinced that what I had been eating is too simple. It was good for killing candida yeasts but it may not be nutritious enough for my health needs. So what I did was to increase the variety of foods, not only fish and vegs, but some beef, chicken, etc. And I started to take some Chinese herbs again which I disbelieve for a while.
It has been about a week and I do feel better, even though the difference is not significant as the previous diet change.

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