Friday, October 16, 2009

I found this site helpful. First with doubt I answered a questionnaire (total over 900 questions!) and got my free computer report in just a few hours. The report made some sense to me, and I went ahead paid $77 for a doctor's (Dr. Fisel) review. Again, it took no time at all, I got it on the second day. The report is very comprehensive and I must say, it is better than any analysis I was given before.
One might doubt the accuracy of the diagnose as doctors or computer just spend little time on reviewing your questionnaires, but I found it was quite trustworth. I believe this is because the questionnaire itself is so detailed and comprehensive --- it covers almost every aspect of your health. So even if the final diagnoses are not 100% accurate, they would still be very helpful in some way.
I would recommend this website "" to anyone who need helps. At least, it's worth a try. It is really not expensive, except you may have to spend sometime on answering questions.

Here is the report produced by doctor:


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