Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hypercoagulation, "feet bath" with hot water


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Recently I was convinced that I have "hypercoagulation" --- thickened blood problem that causes chronic fatigue. Here is a link you can get more information:

For hypercoagulation, a Chinese herb called "san qi" or "tian qi" is supposed to be very effective. I just started to use it and cannot tell much yet. but what definitely helped me is this:
put your feet into very hot water for about 20 minutes (longer is better, and you better add hot water when the water gets colder). this would help blood circulation trimendously!

Ok, here is the theory: when you suffer hypercoagulation, your blood travels slow, especially when it travels to the feet, where it is fartherest stop from heart, so your feet feel so COLD. And cold feet also make blood travel slower. Eventually this would affect your heart.
The best way to help thickened blood is exercise. But if you are too weak to exercise, bathing your feet with hot water is definitely helpful. i did "feet bath" twice a day when I was in severe condition a few days ago. Now, I really feel much better and albe to do my daily walking again.

Actually, "bath feet" with hot water is not my invention, it is a Chinese traditional custom.
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