Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Listen to you body!

I was told to "listen to your body" ages ago but never really did good job on it. Or, I just don't know how. Of course, it should not be very hard to do, but when you had so many problems going on inside your body, and so many "can't eat this" or "can't do that", you would get lost sometime.
I had been strictly sticked on to candida diet for over 4 months since this March. I felt great during first 2 months but later, all my old symptoms came back. After about 2 months struggling, I suspected that I suffered from lacking nutrients. I did a comprehensive blood tests trying to find out what I missed. But the blood tests didn't support my "hypothesis", they suggested just opposite --- that I should get rid of lots of things, as if I had too much nutrients intake.
After being totally perplexed for a while, I decided that I should listen to my body instead of trying to understand the complex blood tests. So I started eating normal again --- not only fishes and vegs, but some meat, and lots of fruits (many type of fruites are forbidden foods in candida diet because of the suger they contain). And the result of this action was ecouraging --- I immediately felt better! Starting from these couple of days, I went even further: I started take some suger --- the number one product that should be cut out in candida diet (it's also a product I had been strictly avoided for years!). I put a little organic brown suger in milk and whole wheat pancake. Guess what? They taste wonderful! At night before I sleep I also ate something (include some milk with suger) and it helped my sleep (for years I used to eat nothing within 2 or 3 hours before I sleep)!

For years I tried so hard to follow my mind --- to understand everything logically and plan things carefully, but now, my body demands me to listen to her: she overpowers my mind!
So I am going to eat whatever I feel like.

While I am ecouraging myself to eat normal, I am not saying that "candida diet" is not good. I still believe this diet and at certain point, it is crucial for the health. For me, it works when I am over-weight. Now, after several months diet my weight dropped (I understand this as a sign of massive dying out of candida yeasts) and my body is in need of somethings else that candida diet cannot offer. So switching back to normal but healthy diet is definitely the right thing to do.


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