Friday, April 2, 2010

So it's not salad this time but Chinese dates

I had been expecting a "fundamental" health change since spring started, like I had experienced before. But, just at the time I thought it's coming, I got a backlash instead... However, today, the magic mercifully came! Not with salad, but some Chinese herbal "supplements".

Here is what happened to me this morning, I woke up feeling as weak as yesterday but I suddenly realized another day I had blood test: they took 5 tubes of my blood. I didn't feel the difference right after, but problems started from that day, with all other small issues they gave me a huge backfire. So this morning I decided that I had to do something good for my blood (I don't necessarily have animia but it used to be my problem). So I put some dray Chinese dates,Astragalus membranaceus and some Angelica gigas together with a small chichen (the tiny one that has no fat, all natural, I got it from Chinese market), just boiled them for about 2 hours then eat them also drink the soup. Guess what? I felt so good right after! I felt the "tangible" change inside my body!

(Dry) Chinese dates ("Hong Zao") is the number one herbal product to enrich blood, esp. for women.

Astragalus membranaceus ("Huang Qi") is the most popular Chinese herbal used to replenish vital energy of our bodies, for both men and women.

Here is a very popular Chinese traditional herbal "prescription"(more like a recipe): mixing both of these products together and boil with water a while and drink it like tea. Dates alone should also do very good. Another thing important is, it's better to break the surface of dates before cook, otherwise it will make some "fire" in our body and produce some "pinpoints" on our faces (for me, I would get pinpoints on my lips, which of course is disturbing).
This is supposed to be the best for women who feel weak and cold all the time, and it is supposed to work the best DURING SPRING (or during spring we need it the most)!


  1. Yunyi-glad the dates energized and made you feel better. Lovely Spring day here in New York-hope the weather is likewise where you are.

  2. Hi Yunyi, Corfu is warming up at last, and becoming the greenest place in all Greece. I envy your choice of ingredients, but at the same time wonder if the complete lack of 'exotic' (exo=outside, in Greek!) food-stuffs here on the island, is not good for someone like me who looks for causes and effects every waking moment. I am lucky to have available good cheap fruit all the year round, and don't have the money to buy much food anyway. I know what would happen if I did! No choice makes it easy. Take care, Bob

  3. Thanks Bob for comments!
    I am sure Greece has many wonderful indigenous foods which we never see here. I found planting some vegs is a good idea to keep a healthy life style but, never made my mind to do so...