Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sunshine, another good way to improve health

Just read an article (in Chinese) talking about the importance of sunshine. It mentioned about one of cancer survivor Armstrong, cyclist. It is believed that one of reasons he could survive from cancer is his life style: outside sport let him received lots of sunshine.

Why? The article was written by a Chinese doctor and he believed that cancer tumors are considered as "cold", "negative" element which is opposite of "hot" and "positive" element. Of course sunshine is "warm", "hot" and "positive" so it is believed by this doctor that it can fight against the "negative" elements inside our bodies.
Even if this might sound superstitious I am still sure there are some scientific truth behind.

I realized that I have not been staying outside enough to get enough sunshine for years! I ignored such a free gift from the Nature which can make me healthy. So, as soon as the pollen is gone, I shall stay outside all day long!

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