Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Puzzle of wellness, piece by piece

Five puzzle's from Steffe!Image by Steffe via Flickr

For people with CFS or any other unknown health problems, they have to get well by their own efforts --- living in the dark with huge amount of scattered pieces of puzzle, put them back one by one by guessing, lucks, or frustration. Each right piece they found took huge amount of energy, time, and money. And there is no guidelines, the only "instructions" are their own bodies.
Of course, our bodies are actually the best teachers on this course, but, we need to learn to listen to her first.
I was somehow convinced that most of us lost this ability --- listen to our bodies --- during our progress of history. Of course, this could be another huge topic but right now, all I am saying is, "listen to your body" is not as easy to it sounds. It takes nothing for someone to do it, but it could take a life time for someone else to learn.
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